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Network traffic analysis

Analyzing the stability of a network starts with monitoring its performance, device capabilities, network speed, and one more aspect that many network admins overlook: network traffic.

Network traffic analysis (NTA) is often the least considered aspect, but it influences many issues, like performance degradation, and slowness for the users. Neglecting it can give way to security threats.

For example, if an enterprise's network uses resource-intensive applications like video streaming and tele-presence other than through business-critical applications, the bandwidth capacity for running business operations will be minimal. This often negatively impacts productivity, affecting all operations and often eroding revenues. That's a domino effect organizations should avoid.

6 setbacks you'll face without proper traffic analysis

  1. No awareness of what traffic is passing through your network: Allowing a lot of traffic without simultaneously analyzing the traffic type can lead to bandwidth hogging, and suspicious sources can harm important resources in your network as they could be a DDoS attack.
  2. No visibility into network elements and their reliability: Not having an inventory of all the interfaces and devices makes it difficult to check if the devices are functional or if they require replacement. This negatively affects their response time and accessibility.
  3. Fewer insights into the applications or users causing slowness: Gathering data about who is using your network and how is mandatory. Slowness can be due to anything from video streaming applications to bulk file transfers. Not being able to figure out which protocols or applications are using the most bandwidth and causing slowness can result in you draining your bandwidth and your organization's budget with unaffordable upgrades.
  4. Few to no options to shape traffic or prioritize bandwidth needs: This leads to non-critical applications overutilizing your bandwidth, leaving less bandwidth for business-critical applications that facilitate important business operations.
  5. A guessing game of defining your network's future requirements: As an organization grows, it is necessary to identify the right network bandwidth capacity to ensure smooth performance. However, without the proper network traffic analyzer tool, your network's current utilization, traffic volume, and additional areas of demand cannot be known. This often results in more time and money spent on unnecessary upgrades.
  6. Difficulty detecting abnormal network behavior: Establishing a baseline for your network's usage helps you detect abnormal behavior so you can quickly choose the best course of action to fix it. This is difficult without a network traffic analysis tool, resulting in congestion issues or even outages.

Perks in using a network traffic analyzer tool

Network traffic analysis brings many important insights to your bandwidth management. With extensive traffic data generated from end-to-end network traffic analysis of your network, you can:

  • Network Traffic Analysis - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Find problematic endpoints by parameters that are consuming unusually huge bandwidth in the network, including source IPs, destination IPs, applications, and ports or protocols

  • Network Traffic Analyzer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Discover which IP addresses are interacting with your application servers, and if they are safe for your network

  • Network Traffic Analysis Tools - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Detect unusual traffic spikes that might be because of internal or external security attacks and block that specific traffic

  • Analyze Network Traffic - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Prioritize traffic with QoS policies, and evaluate how functional they are with CBQoS

  • Network Traffic Analysis Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Gain visibility on Layer 7 application traffic

  • Network Traffic Analyzer Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Set alerts to get notified if the traffic crosses a threshold value, or when the link is down

  • Network Traffic Analyser - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

    Gain insights into future traffic trends, and plan your organization's bandwidth resources for forecast and capacity planning

Tackle your network bandwidth use challenges with a real-time network traffic analysis (NTA) software: NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based network traffic analyser tool that helps you collect and analyse network traffic patterns to provide you with real-time traffic behavior and bandwidth usage by application, interface, and devices. You can monitor traffic types like HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, and streaming.

You can uncover which application or IP is causing the heavy traffic spike, drill-down to learn if the traffic is from an unknown source, and manage the hacking attempts by blocking the traffic based on geolocation or IP addresses.

Apart from carrying out these crucial bandwidth management strategies, you can generate traffic reports for any source from your network infrastructure, for a custom period, and export them into CSV or PDF files for sharing and on-the-go monitoring.

Key features of NetFlow Analyzer

Comprehensive view into your network

As soon as NetFlow data is received, graphs are generated showing details on incoming and outgoing traffic on the link for the last 10 minutes in real time. From the NetFlow Analyzer Dashboard, you can identify which interface, applications, users, ports and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth. Our network traffic analyzer tool's NetFlow Analyzer Dashboard allows you to add new widgets and customize them so that you can look at the top-priority information that you want to focus on in your network.

Analyse Network Traffic - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Detailed reports of your traffic trends

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

You can easily carry out network traffic analysis with bandwidth reports using NetFlow Analyzer. The customizable reports display traffic statistics for sources like hosts, applications, and conversations.

In addition to consolidated reports, you can generate historical and predict future traffic data with forecast reports, the traffic trends using Capacity Planning reports, and make changes to the bandwidth management strategies using the Network Configuration Manager (NCM) add-on. Our network traffic analysis software also gives you the end-to-end view on application usage, and protocol usage with other utilization trends.

Deep insights into conversations

Incoming and outgoing network traffic is analyzed to find the top applications, and IP source, and IP destination-generating traffic on the network. From here, you can drill down to see the top hosts and conversations for each application listed.

NTA - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Automated threat detection

NTA Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer, the network traffic analysis tool, has a pre-defined algorithm that detects any suspicious activity, and groups it as an attack. You can analyze the network traffic for unusual behavior and check if the activity is authentic or malicious.

You can also identify security issues easily with our network traffic analysis software's Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM). You can follow any unusual behavior on your network closely and our network traffic analyzer categorizes the problem as malformed TCP packets, invalid TOS flows, invalid Src-Dest flows, or others. You can also assign a severity class to prioritize when actions should be completed.

Real-time and aggregated threshold alerts

Our network traffic analysis tool helps you receive immediate insights on events when the bandwidth usage is exceeding the threshold with real time alerts and aggregated alerts. Set a network performance baseline for a specific criteria like utilization, speed, or volume for a source with time filters, and get immediate notifications as and when the threshold is violated.

NTA Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Traffic shaping with QoS configuration

Analyzing Network Traffic - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

With our network traffic analysis software's QoS traffic shaping, you can dictate which application can use your network bandwidth. Analyze network traffic patterns used by various applications, and prioritize business-critical applications over bandwidth hogging applications like video streaming, games and or social media for seamless productivity with suitable QoS policies.

Besides applying policies, you can evaluate the effectiveness of applied policies with Class Based QoS monitoring and reporting. With the pre-policy and post-policy traffic statistics shown in the NTA tool, you can adjust your bandwidth monitoring strategies to your requirements.

Layer 7 applications traffic analysis with Cisco NBAR

You can leverage our network traffic analyzer (NTA) tool to monitor the traffic consumed by applications that use dynamic ports. With Cisco NBAR technology, your traffic analysis can become more extensive with insights about Layer 7 application traffic. You can checkout how much traffic is being consumed by applications such as Skype, Ping or Facebook, etc., and optimize your network usage for business-critical applications alone.

Best Network Traffic Analysis - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Get hands-on experience on our network traffic analyzer tool with a free trial

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is an end-to-end network traffic analysis (NTA) software, which supports flow technologies like NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow. With this real time and passive network traffic analysis (NTA) tool in your network, you can detect your traffic usage trends, isolate top talkers, and gain a bird's eye view of what's happening in your network with extensive report types.

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What customers say

A Great NetFlow Analyser Tool Which Makes The Life Easier For Any Network Engineer

As a network engineer, having a decent Netflow analyzer like ManageEngine NetFlow analyzer really helps with benchmarking and troubleshooting network performance on various links. I almost use the tool daily with my job to have full visibility on the traffic and generate various reports. It also helped with designing, planning and implementing and monitoring an end to end QoS solution. I highly recommend the product to any network engineer.

-Network Engineer in the Finance industry

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