Miscellaneous - Knowledge Base

1. What is Community?

Community refers to the SNMP Community string of the device. For most of the devices, the default community string is "public".

You can use the SNMP Tools - -> Community Checker tool to get the community string of the device. It has a list of default community strings of various devices, which queries to find the matching community string of the device.

Please ensure that the queried device is SNMP enabled.


2. How to install/enable SNMP?

To install or enable SNMP in Windows or Linux OS, refer to the online help documentation


3. When I use the Send Email option, I get an error: "E6002 : Unable to send mail".

The possible reasons could be:

  1. You have not configured the SMTP settings. Select Admin --> Settings --> SMTP tab and configure your mail server and save.
  2. Any security software like Mcafee or Symantec running in the m/c running OpUtils is blocking this. Check after stopping it.