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Endpoint Central - ServiceDesk Plus integration

What is ServiceDesk Plus?

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is an IT help desk software that is built to supercharge your IT help desk. The IT help desk is a single point of contact for end users who need help. It provides greater visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime.

What is Endpoint Central? 

Endpoint Central is a unified endpoint management solution that helps is managing servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets from a single console is connected and cohesive manner. It helps you in automating regular administrative tasks like deploying patch and software, manage IT assets, troubleshoot computers remotely, imaging and deploying OS, and mobile device management. 

Help desk challenges & overcoming them using Endpoint Central

Every IT help desk strives to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction levels, but improper handling creates a series of problems that stifle user experience. Here are a few help desk challenges and ways to overcome them with Endpoint Central by your side: 

Challenge 1 - Long resolution times

We live in an era of instant troubleshooting but this can quickly become a problem when the service desk is receiving too many requests to handle and doesn’t possess the necessary communication tools. 

Shortest possible resolution times, with Endpoint Central

Perform all endpoint management tasks right from your ticket window and reduce the life cycle of every ticket. Endpoint Central will your all-in-one solution for handling help desk requests. 

Challenge 2 - Recurring issues

The headache of unresolved, recurring issues is a constant for any IT service personnel. Time and resources are wasted in investigating and resolving the same ones time and again. 

Automate using Endpoint Central

Address these hiccups by automating them; Endpoint Central offers over 75+ predefined configuration templates and 50+ configurations to automate mundane administrative tasks. Besides, you can use 5000+ software templates to automate the process of creating a software package, and deploying it directly from the ticket.

Challenge 3 - Vulnerabilities on the rise

One cyber attack occurs every 14 seconds. That said, the number of vulnerabilities has been growing at an exponential rate. An IT technician tends to lose track of the number of computers with missing patches. 

Combat cyber attacks with Endpoint Central

Stay atop critical vulnerabilities by automating patch management for Windows, Mac, Linux and 350+ third-party applications as Endpoint Central helps you in combating zero-day vulnerabilities. 

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