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File Transfer

Endpoint Central allows you to transfer files or folders of any format with zero clicks on receiver side. There is no restriction in the size of files being transferred. This file transfer feature will let you instantly share files to an endpoint device during remote sessions.


  1. Sensitive files can be directly sent to the end user's device in one click.
  2. An entire folder will be completely transferred without the complexity of compressing files.
  3. Files like videos, audio, documents, licenses, executables, and more can be shared.
  4. File transfer will happen both ways, from viewer to end user and vice versa.


Check if below pre-requisites are covered before initiating file transfer:

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Ensure file transfer executable is available on viewer machine. You will be prompted to download when you try to transfer files for the first time. 
  • Exclude the below ports from firewall, proxy server, and load balancer:
    • HTTP: 8444 and 8032
    • HTTPS: 8443 and 8031

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