AWS log analysis

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform in the world. AWS has enabled businesses across industries to leverage high-end technologies and infrastructure without the need to purchase any server hardware. It has also enabled start-ups to utilize a pay-as-you-go approach to replace the high costs of maintaining infrastructure.

AWS logs such as AWS CloudTrail logs, AWS S3 server logs, and AWS ELB logs need to be monitored continuously, as it helps mitigate security risks and ensures that you meet compliance regulations. This can be done by implementing an effective AWS log analysis tool.


AWS log analysis using Log360

Log360 is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that allows easy monitoring and auditing of your AWS instances. Cloud Security Plus, the CloudTrail logs auditing module of Log360, allows businesses to efficiently monitor and audit AWS with the following capabilities.

Central management of the public cloud:

Track and manage multiple AWS instances and services as well as instances from other cloud platforms like Salesforce, Azure, and Google, all from one location.

Detailed reports for the AWS cloud environment:

Out-of-the-box reports provide detailed information on events that occur in Amazon S3, EC2, Route 53, Elastic IP, Elastic Network Interfaces, WAF, RDS, STS, VPC, ELB, and Auto Scaling.

Easily search through log data:

Find what you're looking for with the smart AWS log search engine.

Scheduled reports:

Schedule reports to be automatically generated at specific time intervals. Log360 can also be configured to send reports via email.

Alerts that keep you in the loop:

Get notifications via email when unusual activities, web attacks, anomalous trends, and other security threats occur.

Log360's use cases in AWS log analysis

Data security:

Log360 facilitates deeper analysis by providing reports such as Recently Failed Events and Recently Deleted Files for AWS database server logs. These reports reveal information about any infiltration attempts to the AWS database.

User activity monitoring:

Monitoring user activity is pivotal to mitigate threats, as it gives you insights for detecting system and data misuse. Log360 allows you to monitor AWS user activity by equipping you with reports such as Recent Failed Events by User and Recent User Activity.

Configuration change auditing:

Log360 allows you to monitor AWS configuration changes, which is critical for identifying security issues and breaches. On top of this, auditing AWS configuration changes is a requirement for certain regulatory mandates.

Secured log retention:

The AWS logs processed by Log360 are archived periodically for internal, forensic, and compliance audits. The archived log database includes two sets of log data: raw logs and formatted logs. The archive interval, log type, storage location, and retention period can be configured as per your requirement. The archived logs can also be encrypted and time-stamped to make them secure and tamper proof.

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