Support for Apple iOS 11

Mobile Device Manager Plus is completely compatible with the features offered in iOS 11, giving users improved mobile device management (MDM) capabilities. Here are all the new features in Mobile Device Manager Plus

Remotely view devices

With iOS 11, IT admins can remotely view the screens of their managed devices. This helps reduce the time spent fixing users' issues by allowing the technical team to directly view the issues users are facing. Mobile Device Manager Plus leverages the new Screen Recorder feature released with iOS 11, giving users the option to record and broadcast their screens.

Manage classrooms using Classroom 2.0

With the advent of the Classroom app, many educational institutions have started using iPads to conduct their classes. The iOS Classroom app gives teachers complete control over students' devices, from sharing documents to remotely locking devices. Using Mobile Device Manager Plus, admins can ensure teachers have all the required access to their students' devices without having to seek permission from students.

Manage AirPrint

AirPrint allows users to print documents over the air using Wi-Fi. Though this might seem like an extremely helpful feature, AirPrint provides opportunities for a legitimate device to be impersonated, allowing personal data to be misused. To combat this threat, Apple has allowed MDM solutions like Mobile Device Manager Plus to control certain permissions pertaining to AirPrint. Admins can use Mobile Device Manager Plus to:

  • Prevent automatic detection of AirPrint printers: Admins can ensure users only connect to approved printers.
  • Disable saving AirPrint passwords on iCloud: A password is required to print documents using AirPrint, and users can save this password on iCloud to use it later from other devices. To prevent this, admins can use Mobile Device Manager Plus to restrict users from saving AirPrint passwords on iCloud.

Increased security with a VPN

A VPN is a necessity in most organizations today since it allows users to securely connect to their organization's network. MDM solutions allow admins to quickly distribute a VPN that employees can connect to. Users can also set up their own VPNs and connect their devices to them; however, connecting to an unauthorized VPN can open up corporate networks to security threats. To prevent this, Apple now allows MDM solutions to restrict devices from connecting to any unauthorized VPNs.

Add any device to the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager program (ABM/ASM)

Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager allow admins to bring devices under management in just a few simple steps. Previously, organizations were only allowed to enroll devices purchased directly from Apple or authorized resellers in the ABM. With iOS 11, admins can add any iOS device to the ABM portal. Click here to learn how to add devices to the ABM.

QR code enrollment

With iOS 11, the iOS Camera app now supports QR code scanning. This makes enrolling devices into the Mobile Device Manager Plus server even simpler, as users can use their camera to scan a QR code and enroll their devices.