Support for Apple iOS 11.3

For some time now, iOS 11.3 was touted to be the major release from the Apple stable and as stated, it turned out to be quite huge especially from the perspective of device management. Mobile Device Manager Plus is fully compatible with Apple iOS 11.3, delivering a better experience for IT administrators and device users. All of Mobile Device Manager Plus's existing features are supported, as well as two of the major new features in Apple iOS 11.3. Here's how Mobile Device Manager Plus works in tandem with newly supported features, to deliver better performance in enterprise mobility management.

Prevent users from updating device OS

With iOS beginning to support automating OS updates, the next obvious configuration was the option to prevent users from manually updating it. Though MDM does have a workaround solution to achieve this, direct support to delay OS updates is much simpler. Users manually updating device OS has the following issues: 

  • Critical enterprise app(s) might not fully support the latest OS version, resulting in bugs and issues.
  • OS updates during work hours may affect productivity
  • Bugs in the latest OS version may lead to loss od productivity, if deployed without prior testing by the enterprise.

In such a scenario, enterprises provision an OS deployment policy for the devices in the organization. On provisioning the policy, users are automatically restricted from manually updating the device OS ensuring Admins are not forced to create a separate policy to restrict manual OS updates.

Allow students to leave Classroom, only if permitted by the teacher

With schools being the second largest entity after enterprises requiring device management, this features fortifies device management in schools. When configured, this restriction ensures students can leave the Classroom app only if permitted by the teacher. The teacher receives a notification prompt regarding this and only if it is accepted, does the student get to leave the classroom app.

Enhanced restriction preventing access to managed contacts

Managed contacts here refers to, the contacts distributed via Contact Sync policy and/or the contacts present on your E-mail or Exchange account, which were previously configured on the device via MDM. These contacts cannot be accessed by unmanaged apps(apps not distributed by MDM), preventing misuse of contact details.