How to allow access to corporate apps using only managed devices?


Managed App Configurations can be implemented to ensure that corporate apps are accessed only on managed devices if the app developer implements it in the code. This approach prioritizes data security and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. By incorporating Managed App Configurations into specific apps, developers can allow administrators to apply necessary configurations when distributing those apps to devices.

When using Managed App Configurations, the app developer makes use of Mobile Device Manager (MDM) server to embed a special token or identifier within the distributed apps. This token acts as a license key or a unique identifier. Consequently, the app server checks for the presence of this token, and only if it is detected, the user is granted access to the app. This mechanism ensures that access is restricted to managed apps only.


Follow the steps given below, to configure the app with the configuration:

  1. On the MDM console, click on Device Mgmt tab and select App Repository.
  2. In case of the iOS app, it can be added to the repository either directly, or using Apple App Management.
  3. For Android apps, the app must be added to the repository using Android for Work.
  4. Click the app (either iOS or Android) to which the configurations are to be applied.
  5. Select the Configurations tab which appears only if Managed App Configurations is supported by the app developer.
  6. Upload the XML file which has the relevant configurations.
  7. Once the file has been uploaded, the apps can be distributed to the devices.