How to create a Kiosk profile for iOS devices?


Kiosk is an advanced security feature that enables IT Admin to allow/restrict users to one or a few preselected applications. This helps in device management by locking down the device to display a single app or the chosen apps and prevents the user from accessing any other feature of the device.  This feature can be applied only to Supervised devices running iOS 6 or later versions. Kiosk is applied to devices immediately if the specified apps are already installed in the device. If the apps are installed after the Kiosk profile has been applied, the mobile device must be restarted for the Kiosk to function. To know more about Kiosk mode in iOS, refer this.


To create a Kiosk profile, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Device Management tab.
  2. Select Profiles from the left pane.
  3. Click Create Profile and select iOS profile. Provide Name and Description for the profile.
  4. Click Continue and select Kiosk Mode.
  5. Choose Single App or Multiple Apps as the Kiosk Mode choice.
  6. Type the App Name(s) (any App Store or enterprise app) and select the required app(s) from the suggested apps list. The Bundle Identifier is filled in automatically.
  7. Configure the the other Settings (Requires devices with iOS 7 or higher) for the Kiosk profile.
  8. Click Save to save the profile.
  9. Click Publish to make the profile to be ready for association.