How to automatically install apps silently on devices, immediately on enrollment? 


You can automate app installation in MDM, to ensure the apps gets installed silently on the devices, as soon as the device gets enrolled with MDM. You can do so by adding the devices to groups, which has been already associated the apps, which are to be silently installed. Silent installation of Store apps is supported only for Android and iOS, while silent installation of enterprise apps is supported for all three platforms.






1. Purchase apps from Apple Business Manager and/or Play for Work. If you want silent installation only for enterprise apps, go to Step #3.
2. On the MDM server, navigate to App Management and click on Sync Apps and select Play Store apps and/or VPP apps.
3. In case of enterprise apps, navigate to App Management, click on Add App and select the option based on the platform.
4. Upload the source file and provide the requisite details. Click on Save.
5. Select Groups & Devices from the left pane.
6. Select the group to which the apps must be associated and click on Distribute Apps.
7. Select the app(s) and ensure the option Install apps automatically is selected for Distribution Option.
8. When the device is enrolled, ensure it gets added to this group. After the device is enrolled and gets added to this groups, all the silent installation-capable apps gets installed without any user intervention.