How to migrate licenses of apps requiring Apple ID for installation, to installing it silently without requiring Apple ID? 


While configuring app distribution in iOS app management, if you select 'Prompts for Apple ID' for the option 'App Installation Type', Apple ID is needed for app installation on the device. Thus, the app license is associated with user's Apple ID (User-associated app license).  

If an app license is associated to the device (Device-associated app license), the app can be installed only on the device to which the app license is associated. It is also useful when multiple users share a single corporate-owned device.

Other benefits of device-associated app licenses:

  • Efficient bulk installation of apps.
  • Zero user intervention for app installation(in Supervised devices).
  • Useful in installing apps in corporate devices, without associating an Apple account with the devices.
This is applicable for iOS devices running 9.0 or later versions.


For migrating all apps,

  1. Click on Device Management and select App Repository.
  2. Select Apple App Management and Click on Modify button.
  3. Change App Installation Type from 'Prompts for Apple ID' to 'Without Apple ID'. 
If the App Installation Type has been already modified before Mobile Device Manager Plus build number #92151, the number of app(s) with migration pending is shown in the MDM Server. These app(s) must be migrated manually. While migrating, ensure you've got adequate licenses if multiple devices share the same Apple ID in your organization.

NOTE: The app developer has to provide the app with the provision for installing apps without requiring Apple ID. To know whether an app is device-assignable, go to the Apple Business Manager portal, and search for the app. The app details mention the app is device-assignable as shown below, then the app doesn't require Apple ID for installation and can be installed silently. If it is listed as user-assignable, then the app requires Apple ID for installation, even if configured otherwise in MDM. If you're still using Apple Volume Purchase Program or Apple VPP, you must migrate Apple VPP to Apple Business Manager Portal.

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