Complete Wipe failed on a Windows Laptop


Mobile Device Manager Plus supports Complete wipe feature which is used to remove all the data present on the device. In the case of Windows devices, the recovery environment allows the redeployment of windows after the device is wiped. If the recovery environment is not deployed on the device, then complete wipe will fail on the device.


While trying to execute complete wipe on a Windows Laptop from the MDM server, it fails.


This can happen if the Windows recovery environment is not deployed on the device.


When Complete Wipe fails on the device, you need to check the following cases:

  1. Try to perform manual wipe on the device. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery, and click Get Started under Reset this PC.
  2. When manual wipe fails, check for the Windows RE status on the device by running the command reagentc /info in the command prompt.

If the Windows RE is not enabled on the device, you have to deploy by following the steps provided here.