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Office365 Reports

Office 365 Reporting Tool

In addition to managing the on-premises Active Directory environment, many administrators have the added responsibility of managing cloud environments like Microsoft Office 365. Fetching information from cloud-based Office 365 is, however, a daunting task. The use of PowerShell and native tools to generate these reports only makes the task at hand more complex and error-prone.

ADManager Plus' Office 365 reports

ADManager Plus, web-based AD management software, is tailored to solve this problem with its Office 365 reporting functionality. Using its extensive set of pre-configured reports, you can easily view critical information specific to Office 365 environment. Instead of using long and complicated PowerShell scripts, all you need is few clicks to fetch the required information.

The Office 365 reporting utility in ADManager Plus provides the following information:

O365 User Reports

Get access to significant information regarding all users, inactive users (over a custom time period), never logged on users, and ActiveSync enabled users present in your Office 365 environment with the help of Office 365 User Reports. This information helps administrators make informed decisions on which users to revoke the licenses from, which users to assign them to, and more.

O365 License Reports

These reports provide a comprehensive view of the Office 365 license information in the organization. They also enable you to find out the exact number and details of licensed and unlicensed users. Using the information provided via Office 365 License Reports, administrators can ensure optimum utilization of licenses and services throughout the organization.

O365 Group Reports

These provide information on all the groups present in your Office 365 environment. You can view the details of the security and distribution groups separately as well. Office 365 Group Reports help administrators identify all the unauthorized, unused or unwanted groups and take appropriate measures to prune the list of groups and keep them updated. The group members report provides a list of all members of desired Office 365 groups.

View Office 365 shared mailbox permissions as reports

O365 Shared Mailbox Report

This report lists all the Exchange Online shared mailboxes in your organization. You can view details such as proxy addresses, permissions, and more using this report.

The ADManager Plus Advantage

Office 365 reporting from via ADManager Plus provides the following benefits:

  • View in-depth information about Office 365 environment via pre-configured, script-free reports.
  • Auto-generate desired reports at specific times.
  • E-mail reports to multiple users.
  • Export reports to HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV and CSVDE formats.

Besides out-of-the-box reports to simplify Office 365 reporting, ADManager Plus offers pre-defined features to help in Office 365 user provisioning and user management as well. It lets you create users in AD and Office 365 simultaneously and also lets you provision Office 365 accounts for your AD users. You can also manage Office 365 licenses and create shared mailboxes in your Office 365 environment. Further, this tool also allows you to manage Active Directory and Exchange Server from a single web-based console.

Get critical insights on your AD and Office 365 environment with purpose-built reports.

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