Five reasons why customers prefer Desktop Central over IBM BigFix

  1. A unified endpoint management solution.

  2. Desktop Central supports the entire endpoint management life cycle, whether you're managing desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, or tablets.IBM BigFix, on the other hand, is separated into four different subcategories—compliance, life cycle, inventory, and patch—which each need to be purchased separately. The BigFix platform also no longer provides mobile device management capabilities; these features are now managed by a completely separate solution, IBM MaaS360.

  3. Extensive patching capabilities.

  4. Desktop Central supports patching for over 850 applications in total, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party applications. According to its website, IBM BigFix supports fewer than 25 third-party applications.

  5. Strong endpoint security features.

  6. Desktop Central has built-in endpoint security features for automatically uninstalling prohibited software, blocking executables, securing USB devices, managing firewalls, and more, all of which are extremely important when it comes to network security.

  7. Solid help desk integration.

  8. Desktop Central can also integrate with four different help desk solutions—Jira, Zendesk, Spiceworks, and ServiceDesk Plus—through which you can use all your endpoint management features right from a single help desk console. These integrations will help you boost productivity by reducing your ticket turnaround time so you can more quicklymeet your SLAs.

  9. Better pricing.

  10. Desktop Central has two editions—the Professional edition and the Enterprise edition—which are priced at USD 795 and 945 annually for 50 computers and one technician. Desktop Central also offers perpetual licenses that bring down the overall cost significantly in the long run.Take a look at IBM BigFix's prices:

    • IBM BigFix Compliance USD 2,255 ($45.10 per client device/year)
    • IBM BigFix Lifecycle: USD 2,255 ($45.10 per client device/year)
    • IBM BigFix Inventory: USD 770 ($15.40 per client device/year)