The Company

Zoho Corporation, founded in 1996, is a privately held technology company with customers spread across the globe. Profitable since its inception, the organization now has millions of users around the world and offers a wide range of products and services. As the product portfolio diversified, the organization restructured itself into four main divisions: ManageEngine,, Qntrl, and Trainer Central.

Zoho division

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine crafts the industry’s broadest suite of IT management software. It has everything organizations need—more than 60 enterprise products—to manage all components of IT operations. From desktops, mobile devices, networks, and servers, to applications, service desks, Active Directory, and security, ManageEngine brings IT together. Since 2002, IT teams have turned to ManageEngine for affordable, feature-rich software that’s easy to use. ManageEngine’s on-premises and cloud solutions power the IT of over 280,000 companies around the world, including nine out of every ten Fortune 100 companies. Click here to read more about ManageEngine.

ManageEngine History

Zoho Corporation started off by building SNMP APIs and Network Management Platforms for Network and Element Management Systems for the Telecom domain way back in 1996. WebNMS Framework was rated number one EMS/NMS Platform for Telecoms and is a carrier grade platform with over 1000 Man Years of development. During the dot com burst and telecom slowdown, early 2000s, Zoho Corporation diversified in to the Enterprise IT Management space.

As a result, ManageEngine, as a brand targeting Enterprise IT Management,  was born. The carrier grade platform used for large telecoms was used as the basis for the new products in the IT Management Space.

Our Philosophy

We believe in innovation and invest heavily on Research and Development. One hundred percent customer-focused. Zoho Corporation believes in providing customers with the best software at affordable prices.

About Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is a robust Unified Endpoint Management and Security solution that manages and secures laptops, desktops, smartphones, servers and tablets from a single interface. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, tvOS, Chrome OS, and iPadOS. It has an easier learning curve, making it ideal for organizations that cannot afford to hire IT specialists. In comparison to other vendors, it does not require significant SQL knowledge, is extremely cost-effective, has a wide feature set, a clean design, and setup and maintenance are quick and straightforward. Year after year, IDC, Gartner, and Forrester have recognized it for its endpoint management and security capabilities.

Endpoint Central Features

End-to-end patch management with automatic OS and third-party patching is possible, as is quick software deployment using over 10000 built-in templates. With a simple click, you can remotely access and troubleshoot devices, giving you complete access to the device as if you were physically using the computer. Real-time asset management will be available for both physical and digital assets.

Endpoint Central also includes a comprehensive set of endpoint security capabilities, including as vulnerability management, application control, device control, BitLocker management, and browser security. Over 50 preconfigured settings are available, including power management, USB device control, and security rules. Endpoint Central is available in both on-premises and cloud versions, with four distinct editions to fit various company types. It is totally configurable to your needs and is available in 20 languages. Endpoint Central's features are also available as independent products, allowing you to purchase only the feature you require.