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Error while remotely connecting to Mac 10.14 - Mojave and Mac 10.15 - Catalina


Remotely connecting to Mac computers fails with an error message "Accessibility / screen capturing permissions not configured".


This might occur when ManageEngine Remote Access component of Desktop Central has insufficient privileges to remotely control that computer.


To resolve this problem, grant accessibility and screen capturing permissions for ManageEngine Remote Access component to remotely control the computer.


From the problematic Mac machine navigate to,

  1. System Preference -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility -> Enable access for "ManageEngineRemoteAccess" component. This will resolve the issue if you are using Mac OS version 10.14 - Mojave. If you are using the version 10.15 - Catalina, ensure you follow the next step as well.

  2. MAC 10.14 remote control error

  3. System Preference -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Allow the "ManageEngineRemoteAccess" component to record the contents of your screen.

  4. MAC 10.15 remote control error

Note : If Mac machine you are trying to remotely control is enrolled under MDM, then execute this PPPC file on the target computer before initiating the remote session.

You can now remotely troubleshoot Mac 10.14 and Mac 10.15 computers in your network.