Adobe Flash Player Installation Failure - "Error 1161"


You are trying to install Adobe Flash Player through silent installation. However, the installation fails with an error message: "Error Code 1161".


The possible reason could be:

  • You're attempting to install a Release channel build over a Beta channel build or vice versa. This is not allowed.


  1. Error code 1161 refers to Cross-channel installation (upgrade or downgrade attempt). You need to uninstall the installed version using the standalone uninstaller before you can install the new version. You should uninstall and try again.
    Click here to Uninstall Flash Player for Windows OS/ Uninstall Flash Player for Mac OS
    (This link has been taken from Adobe forums)
    noteNote: You can also uninstall by navigating to the Software Deployment tab of the Desktop Central console. Desktop Central -> Software Deployment -> Add Package. You can select the Uninstallation tab and fill in the required details and finally click on Add Package. The installed version will get uninstalled.
  2. If the installation fails even after using the link given above, kindly contact support with the following details:
    • Operating system version
    • Web browser and version
    • Flash Player version
    • Explain your problem step-by-step in detail (This is optional)
    • If you get error messages, please provide a screenshot

Applies to: Patch Deployment, Patch Configuration, Patch Download

Keywords: Patch Management, Deploy Patches, Configure Patch Installation, Download Patches