Endpoint Central Agent Installation Failure - Mac/Linux Troubleshooting Guide


You are unable to install the Endpoint Central agent on computers running Mac/Linux operating systems.


  • Pre-requisite failures: SSH and SCP communication not enabled, network connectivity issues, invalid credentials, insufficient permissions.
  • Push failures: User lacks permission to access specific directories, target computer disconnected, insufficient disk space.


1. Pre-requisites failure

Ensure SSH & SCP communication is enabled:

Verify remote connectivity:

  • Ensure you can connect to the target computer using its machine name via SSH. If only the IP address works, reconfigure DNS resolution.
  • Verify the provided credentials match those in Endpoint Central server settings.
  • Ensure the specified user has root or sudo access.

Root user configuration (Linux):

  • Search for the file `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` in the Terminal.
  • Ensure `PermitRootLogin` is set to "yes" and `PasswordAuthentication` is set to "yes".

2. Push Failure

Verify user permissions:

  • Login via SSH and check if you can copy files to the `/tmp` directory.

Check for disconnection or insufficient disk space:

  • Ensure the target computer remains connected throughout the process.
  • Verify sufficient disk space on the target computer.

By following the steps for the corresponsing error remarks, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue preventing Endpoint Central Agent installation on your Mac/Linux computers.

Error Message Description Resolution
No Agent Available/Installed Trying to uninstall a non-existent agent. Ensure the agent is installed before uninstalling.
Agent up to date Agent already has the latest version. No action required.
AgentUpgrade Required Lower version agent detected. Upgrade will be automatic if communication allows, otherwise uninstall and reinstall manually.
Agent Need to uninstall & reinstalled Mismatch between agent version and server details. Uninstall and reinstall the agent manually.
Unable to push installer files Permission issues, unavailable path, or missing files. Verify permissions and ensure /tmp is not mounted with "noexec" permission.
Install failed due to unknown reason Unknown error during installation. Refer to server logs for detailed information.
Root permission denied Insufficient user permissions. Configure a user with root or sudo access.
Uninstall failed due to unknown reason Unknown error during uninstallation. Refer to server logs for detailed information.
Failed to establish connection Target computer unreachable from the server. Ensure the target computer is reachable.
Agent install fails if other probe managed agent encountered Agent already managed by a different probe. N/A (Agent cannot be managed by this probe).
Linux agent installation unknown architecture Unsupported endpoint architecture. Linux agent only supports AMD and ARM architectures.
Unable to locate the agent directory for uninstallation Agent not properly installed. Ensure the agent is properly installed.
Agent Installation failed. Incorrect agent OS type error Incorrect OS type chosen for installation/uninstallation. Choose the correct OS type.
Server to Agent reachability issues Various connection issues.
SSH Error Description Resolution
No such host Server cannot locate/resolve the hostname. Verify hostname accuracy.
Connection refused Server cannot connect via SSH on port 22. Ensure SSH service is running and port 22 is accessible.
Timeout Connection attempt exceeded 30 seconds. Improve network connectivity or troubleshoot slowness.
Agent endpoint authentication error Invalid username/password provided. Use the correct credentials.
If the problem still persists, you can contact Endpoint Central support with the below details
  • Error Screenshot
  • Target machine name where the installation failed
  • Server logs.
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