Patented, tamper-proof backup for a seamless rollback.

All ransomware attacks have the same goal: to withhold data. Cybercriminals carry out ransomware attacks by encrypting an organization's data and limiting access to it unless the ransom is paid. They place the company in a defenseless position and since data is one of an organization's most valuable assets, this strategy has almost always been successful in the past.

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to counter this strategy is maintaining a backup of organizational data. This allows the organization to reclaim control from the attacker and avoid paying a large ransom. However, there would be no successful ransomware attacks if keeping a simple data backup was a foolproof approach. Reality is slightly more complicated.

During a ransomware attack, hackers may attempt to encrypt or destroy backups. This defeats the purpose of maintaining a backup and renders recovery impossible. It becomes necessary to not only have a backup of the files but also to protect them. The rollback feature of Anti-Ransomware overcomes the limitations of a traditional data backup by allowing for a reliable recovery.

Gain easy visibility into the extent of a ransomware attack

If a ransomware attack compromises many files across multiple endpoints, the admin team may face significant time constraints. Anti-Ransomware's intelligent incident grouping automatically groups compromised machines, providing a comprehensive view of the extent of the attack. All it takes is a single click to begin the recovery procedure on the entire network. This relieves the admin team of a significant amount of work and cuts recovery time from weeks to hours. Furthermore, if devices are again infected by the same attack, recovery occurs automatically.

Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service is utilized to periodically obtain tamper protected shadow copies of all the files on an endpoint. By restoring files to their most recent copy, this robust and dependable recovery approach assists organizations in preventing data loss and avoiding paying a hefty ransom.

Overall, Anti-Ransomware checks all the boxes of a successful business continuity plan while also increasing resilience to future ransomware attacks.

Anti-Ransomware is currently in Early Access and is not a part of the Security Edition and will soon be available for separate licensing.