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Using Desktop Central with Antivirus Applications

To ensure unhindered functioning of Desktop Central, you need to add the following files to the exception list of your Antivirus application:

  • The following files located under <installation drive >\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Agent\bin directory:
    • dcagenttrayicon.exe
    • dcagentupgrader.exe
    • dc_cad.exe
    • dcagentservice.exe
    • dcusb32.exe
    • dcusb64.exe
    • dcinventory.exe
    • dcpatchscan.exe
    • dcrdservice.exe
    • dcstatusutil.exe 
    • dcuninstallsw.exe
    • dcrdsagentwindow.exe
    • dcinstallwizard.exe
    • cfgupdate.exe
    • checkVolume.exe
    • 7za.exe
    • dcconfigexec.exe
    • dcmsghandler.exe
    • gdiplus.dll
    • dcondemand.exe
    • dcswmeter.exe
    • agentupgrader.exe
    • dctools.exe
    • dcchat.exe
    • dcrdservicewindow.exe
    • dcusbsummary.exe
    • dcrdshandler.exe
    • dcappcontrol.exe
    • selfserviceportal.exe
    • dcwol.exe
    • dcannouncement.exe
    • dcagentregister.ex
    • dcfilescan.exe
    • dcscreenrec.exe
    • dctask64.exe
    • dcupload.exe
    • dcwolsettings.exe
    • usbeDevicelist.exe
    • remcom.exe
  • <installation drive >\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Agent\rds\dc_rds.exe
  • <installation drive >\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Agent\rds\FileTransfer\dcfiletransfer.exe
  • <installation drive >\Program Files\Desktopcentral_Agent\dcconfig.exe
  • <installation directory><installation drive >\Program Files\Desktopcentral_Agent\dcagent.dll
  • <installation directory><installation drive >\Program Files\Desktopcentral_Agent\DesktopCentralAgent.msi
  • <installation directory><installation drive >\Program Files\Desktopcentral_Agent\DesktopCentralAgent.mst
  • <installation directory><installation drive >\Program Files\Desktopcentral_Agent\AgentUpgrader.exe
  • C:\Windows\System32\dclibxml2.dll - For 32-bit systems
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dclibxml2.dll - For 64-bit systems

On the computer where Desktop Central is installed, you should add dcnotificationserver.exe and dcwinutil.exe to the exceptions list

The following .exe file names should be added to the exception list of Symantec Endpoint Protection, for the Desktop Central Distributional Server to be fully functional:

  • The following files located under <installation drive >\Program Files\\DesktopCentral_DistributionServer\bin directory:
    • dcagentupgrader.exe
    • dcdsinstallwizard.exe
    • dcdsservice.exe
    • dcreplication.exe
    • dc_httpd.exe

For more information, see How to add an exception to SEP?

Note: Excluding the specific .exe files is more complex because it keeps changing over a period of time. So folders can also be added to the exclusion list, so that the specified folders are not scanned. In such cases, ensure that you need to exclude the following folders respectively.

  • Agent computers - DesktopCentral_Agent
  • Desktop Central Server - DesktopCentral_Server
  • Desktop Central Distribution Server- DesktopCentral_DistributionServer

To know more about the steps to exclude the folder from Scan click here.

Applies to: Agent Installation, Compatible with Symantec Endpoint Protection

Keywords: Uninstall Agents, Agent Uninstallation, Desktop Central Uninstallation