Auto Assigning User in ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand


Causes and resolutions for issues relating to auto assigning users/owners to workstations in ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand (SDPOD) from Desktop Central (DC).


  • SDPOD integration settings not configured in DC
  • Active directory sync not occurring
  • Email address not mapped to user
  • Currently logged on user is not a user in SDPOD


Owner of a workstation is assigned from DC to SDPOD after an asset scan. SDPOD uses email ids as an identifier for its users while DC uses the username available from the AD. So it is important that the email id is mapped to the username in the AD.

Configure ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand Settings in Desktop Central:
Go to: Admin-->Integrations-->ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand settings-->Features-->Asset Data of Computers-->Ownership for Workstation(s) and enable "Assign currently logged in user".

Note: When "Suggest currently logged in user" is enabled, the SDP technician is given the option to assign the computer to the logged in user. If "Assign currently logged in user" is enabled, it will not require the technician’s assistance.

Active Directory synchronisation:
Schedule the AD sync in Desktop Central from: Admin-->Reports-->AD Report Settings-->Enable AD Report Scheduler

Applies to: Asset Integration, Software Deployment Integration, ServiceDesk Plus Integration

Keywords: Asset Integration, ServiceDesk Plus Integration, HelpDesk, ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine, Software Deployment, DC SDP Integration, User Mapping