Software deployment made easy using ready-made templates

Deploying software to multiple systems, located in different parts of the world is never an easy task. Installing or uninstalling software takes a lot of time and effort, when it needs to be performed without the user intervention. These daunting tasks are made so simple, using Endpoint Central. You need no expertise to install/uninstall software using Endpoint Central.

Automate package creation

There are over 4000 predefined software templates, which can be used to automate the software package creation. You can simply search for the required software, click on the template to create a package and if you feel, the desired software is missing, you can also raise a request to the Endpoint Central team. These software templates can be used to create a package and deploy it to the target computers. Endpoint Central carefully evaluates the software using various installation and uninstallation switches, before publishing the software templates. Clicking on the templates will automatically download the required software installable from the respective vendor's website and the package creation will be made easy with the installation/uninstallation switches. You will only have to choose the target computers and deploy the software.

Automate template updates

Every software update is cardinal by nature. Considering the mundane administrative tasks, an IT administrator might tend to overlook critical software updates. Never miss another update with Endpoint Central’s Software Deployment in place. Here’s how :

Windows software templates can be updated automatically, viz., as and when the latest version of the software releases, a package will be created for the latest version of this template automatically. All you need to do is to define the targets and deploy the software. You can cut-down on the time and labor invested in updating every software manually to a greater extent. Rather, enable auto-update for all the Windows templates in one shot and unwind while the packages are created automatically. For further insights, run through the steps for enabling automatic updates of software templates.

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