This document provides you with steps on how to set a baseline for the configurations. A baseline is the concept of having common minimum requirements for an enterprise while setting up computers. When a new computer is added to the domain, the minimum requirements are met as the required configurations are applied automatically.


You are managing 500 computers using Endpoint Central. Each computer has to be configured with the the basic configurations like, permission management, IP printer and secure USB. Since you know that the above mentioned configurations are the basic, common minimum requirements for your network, you can use this as a baseline for all the computers available in your network and for the new ones which may be installed. You can manage this baseline using Endpoint Central so that all the computers (existing and new computers) have the configurations applied for all the computers. For an example given below is the baseline for configurations

  • Security Policies
  • Secure USB
  • IP Printer


You will install configurations, that are set as a baseline, depending on your requirement such as ,

  • All the computers within a network
  • Specific group of computers

To install baselined configurations for all the computers in your network, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Configurations tab
  2. Under the Add Configurations section, click on Collection and Choose Computer Collection
  3. Enter a name and description for the configuration
  4. Choose the configurations that you would like to add on Collection
  5. Configure the deployment settings
  6. Select the required domain as your target

    Note: When new computers are added to a domain the common minimum requirements are installed and applied immediately. However, if you are installing configurations that are set as a baseline for specific computers, select the option Custom Group. You should create a custom group before installing the required configurations. If you add a new computer to this custom group, you should do it manually.

  7. Configure the execution settings
  8. Click Deploy