How to configure the SMS Server Settings in Endpoint Central?


This document will help you configure the SMS Server Settings in Endpoint Central. You can also configure the API details of your own SMS Gateway Provider to start receiving SMS alerts from Endpoint Central. This configuration is exclusively made available for the inventory module, to keep IT teams informed of the real-time changes happening in their network.


  • An account in the SMS Gateway Provider.
  • SMS Gateway API URL must be accessible from the Endpoint Central server.
  • Enough credits must be present to send SMS.

It is highly recommended to have the API documents related to your SMS Gateway Provider to know more about the prerequisites.


 Follow the steps given below to configure the SMS Server Settings:

 Note: The SMS Server Settings is available in Endpoint Central from build version 10.0.547.

  1.  Log in to the Endpoint Central's web console. Go to the Admin tab-> SMS Server Settings.
  2. In the web console, the URL field denotes the URL of your SMS Gateway Provider. This field should be entered without any URL parameters. For example:
    From the drop-down menu, select whether POST or GET HTTP method should be used for sending SMS. Configure the URL with the help of your SMS Gateway Provider's API document.
  3. Query Parameter(s):
    Here, enter the parameters that should be appended to the API URL. For example:



    parameter1 data1
    parameter2 data2
  4. Request Header(s):
    In this field, enter the URL's request headers. Each header should be entered separately. For example:



    Content-Type application/json
    Authorization xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Authentication: If your SMS Gateway Provider supports Basic Authentication, choose Basic Authentication. Enter the Username and Password. If the API supports a different mode of authentication, that will be sent in headers or parameters, choose None.
  6. Request Payload:
    (i) This field is only available if you have chosen POST as your request method in step 2.
    (ii) Provide the details that should be sent in the body of the request.
  7. Choose the Request Method. There are two options: application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
    application/json: Choose this option to set the Content-Type as application/json.
    application/x-www-form-urlencoded: Choose this option to set Content-Type as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
    The request payload will be sent in the body of the request for both the options.
  8. Enter a message that will be received upon the successful delivery of the message beside the Success Response field.
  9. Enter a phone number next to Test Phone Number to check the successful deliver of an example message.
  10. Check the box that says Send SMS using unicode for multi-language texts to send the message in unicode format if the message consists of different languages.
  11. Click Save.

You have successfully configured the SMS Server Settings in Endpoint Central.

Note: Use the placeholders given below when configuring the SMS Server Settings in Endpoint Central according to the API documentation:



$recipient$ refers to the recipient's phone number
$message$ refers to the content of the SMS