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Software Installation - How To

How to use the 'HTTP Path' option to deploy software that has multiple installable files in different directory structures?


Most software applications have a single installation file like <setup>.exe or the <softwarename>.exe. Some of the applications have more than one installable file, however, these files will be mostly located in the same directory. Some complex applications, like Microsoft Office, have multiple installable files, where each installable file is located in a different directory. It is recommended to deploy such applications from a network share that is accessible from all the computers in your network.

However, if you want to copy the software application to the Desktop Central server, using the HTTP Path option, and deploy the application to client computers in your network, you can follow the steps explained below:


You must do the following:

  • Install 7zip in any of the computers in your network to create a 7zip package of the installable files
  • Upload the 7zip executable (7za.exe) to extract the contents of the 7zip package


To deploy software applications that have multiple installation files, which are located in different directories, follow the steps given below:

  1. Create a zipped file. Follow the steps given below:
    1. From the Windows Explorer, navigate to the base folder where the installable files are located. For example, C:\Software\Office 2010\
    2. Select all the files using Ctrl+A
    3. Right-click and select 7-Zip
    4. Click Add to archive
    5. Give an appropriate name for the archive and save it with the extension .7z
  2. Add the package, which you want to deploy to the computers in your network, to Desktop Central. Follow the steps given below:
    1. Click the Software Deployment tab
    2. Click Add Package
    3. Select the appropriate package type
    4. Specify a name for the application
    5. Select HTTP Path (URL)
    6. Upload the zipped file that you created in step 1
    7. Specify the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments as the relative path. For example, setup.exe /config "ProPlus.WW\silent-install-config.xml"
    8. Click Add Package
  3. Deploy the package to specific computers in your network. Follow the steps given below:
    1. Select the package that you added in step 2
    2. Click Install/Uninstall Software
    3. Create a configuration to install the software package
    4. Select the target computers
    5. Specify the schedule options if required
    6. Click Deploy

You have deployed software applications that have multiple installation files, which are located in different directories, to the computers in your network.