IP Address

How to make Desktop Central Server use a specific IP Address, if the computer has multiple NICs?

If the computer running Desktop Central has multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs) and if you wish to restrict the communication of Desktop Central Server to a specific IP address, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Web Console and select Admin --> Agent settings
  2. Specify the Server IP Address. Ensure that you specify the same IP Address in the wrapper-user.conf file
  3. Disable "Automatically detect and save the IP Address change" option and click Save.
  4. Wait till the "Agent Refresh Cycle" is complete. (Default Interval: 90 minutes).

    Note: Ensure that the above steps are done correctly else the agent server communication would fail.

  5. Stop Desktop Central Server using Start --> Programs --> ManageEngine Desktop Central --> Stop Desktop Central
  6. Open the wrapper-user.conf file located in <Desktop_Central_Install_Dir>\conf in a text editor
  7. Assign -Dbindaddress="<IP_Address>" to any of the parameter in wrapper-user.conf.   
    Example : wrapper.java.additional.15=-Dbindaddress="" (or) wrapper.java.additional.16=-Dbindaddress="" 
  8. Open the websettings.conf file located in <Desktop_Central_Install_Dir>\conf in a text editor 
  9. Append enter and save the file. 
  10. Start the Desktop Central Server. 
  11. Specify the Server URL as http://<ipaddress>:8020 at the web console. Do not specify Server URL with "localhost" or any other format.

Note: If you have already installed agent in some of the computers prior to this change, you should update the new IP in all the agents.