Agents do not get uninstalled despite uninstalling Desktop Central Application


Agents remain uninstalled in client computers, although you have uninstalled the Desktop Central Server.


You may encounter this problem if,

  1. Agents are not uninstalled from the managed computers in SoM before product uninstallation.
  2. Agent uninstallation message notification was ignored while uninstalling Desktop Central.
  3. You have not uninstalled the agenst from the remote office computers, manually.


It is always advisable to remove agents from the managed computers in SoM before uninstalling the product. If by mistake, you have removed the product without uninstalling the agents, follow the steps below to uninstall the agents:

For Workgroup Set Up

  1. Download the script UnInstallDCAgent.txt
  2. Rename it to UnInstallDCAgent.vbs
  3. Run the script in all the client computers from the command prompt: CSCRIPT UnInstallDCAgent.vbs

For Active Directory Set Up

If you have a Windows Active Directory setup,

  1. Download the script UnInstallDCAgent.txt
  2. Rename it to UnInstallDCAgent.vbs.

    Note: You should perform the following steps in the Domain Controller. For the script to execute successfully, the file association of .vbs files should be set to "Microsoft Windows (r) Based Script Host" in all the client computers. If this has been modified to some text editor, the scripts will not execute.

  3. Start -> Run -> gpmc.msc
  4. Right-click the domain and select Create and Link a GPO here.
  5. Specify a name for the GPO
  6. Select the GPO from the tree. Ensure that the Scope tab --> Security Filtering has the Authenticated Users group added.
  7. Right-click the GPO and select Edit.
  8. Expand Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Scripts.
  9. Right-click Startup and select Properties.
  10. Click Show Files and drag and drop the UnInstallDCAgent.vbs to this location and close.
  11. In the Startup Properties dialog, click Add.
  12. Browse to select the UnInstallDCAgent.vbs script.
  13. Click OK to close the Add a Script dialog
  14. Click OK to close the Startup Properties dialog
  15. Close the Group Policy Object Editor
  16. Close the Group Policy Management dialog.

Applies to: Desktop Central Uninstallation, Agent Uninstallation

Keywords: Uninstall Agents, Agent Uninstallation, Desktop Central Uninstallation

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