How to perform endpoint management activities from any ServiceNow window?


Integrating ServiceNow with Desktop Central enables ServiceNow users to perform endpoint management operations from the incident window, service request window and task extended windows. Desktop Central functionalities can be carried out from any task-related window, in addition to the incident window. This document explains the steps to be carried out for the same and the required role in ServiceNow is that of an admin.

Steps to manage endpoints from any task extended window

  1. The first step is configuration of the form layout. Open the form of any task extended record type where Desktop Central needs to be added. For instance, problem or service request.
  2. Right click on the form’s header and traverse Configure > Form Layout.
  3. Under the Form View and Section, create a new section. Enter DesktopCentral as the section caption and save this section. A form section for Desktop Central has been created successfully.
  4. Add DesktopCentral_formatter to the newly created form section and click on Save to apply the changes to the form.
  5. Desktop Central will be visible on the form within a form section.

Endpoint management functionality can now be exercised from any task extended window seamlessly.


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