How to configure GDPR related settings in Endpoint Central?

This document will explain you various settings which should be configured on the Endpoint Central console to meet the GDPR requirements.

Note: All the privacy and security enhancing operations should be performed by Endpoint Central user with administrator privileges.
  1. Security settings
  2. Role based access control
  3. Export settings
  4. Securing mail communication
  5. Secure access to scheduled DB backup
  6. Securing integrations
  1. Security Settings

    From Endpoint Central console, navigate to Admin tab -> Security Settings . This view lets you understand the security levels of your Endpoint Central server. It is always recommended to enable every given setting to keep your server security at optimized levels.

    • Enable secure communication and secure agent-server communication. You can also use third party certificates to secure all communications.
    • Ensure that the access to Endpoint Central web console is restricted only to authorised users, and enforce two-factor authentication.
    • Secure all your remote connections and file transfer operations.
    • Use LDAP over SSL to secure the communication/data sync between Endpoint Central server and Active Directory.

  2. Role Based Access Control

    Defining specific roles and scope to technicians will limit the risks of unexpected data leakage. You can create separate roles and grant permissions to specific modules, define scope for the Endpoint Central users from Console -> Admin -> User Management -> Roles

  3. Export Settings

  4. All the personal information such as name, domain name, IP address, etc., in scheduled or exported reports can be secured by configuring the export settings. You can set a default settings or let the technician generating / exporting report(s) decide. Find the export settings at Admin tab -> Under Security Settings -> Export Settings.

  5. Secure Mail communications

  6. It is always recommended to secure your mail server communication, so ensure that you use SMTPS communication. You can configure it from: Console -> Admin -> Mail Server Settings. 

  7. Secure Access to Scheduled DB Backup

  8. You can ensure that the scheduled database backups are secured by enforcing a password. Only the authenticated users will be allowed to access the backed up database.

  9. Secure Integrations

  10. You will have to secure all your communication between the Endpoint Central server and the integrated servers like ServiceDesk Plus or Asset Explorer. You can configure this from Endpoint Central Console -> Admin -> Integrations.

    You have now successfully configured the GDPR related settings on Endpoint Central server.

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