How do I deploy JRE 8, JDK 8 and JDK 11 for Windows and MAC using Endpoint Central?


When the user attempts to download the latest update of JDK / JRE, it requires the login credentials to download the installer file. So instead of downloading, the user can manually create a package for Java. This document provides you with steps required to deploy JRE 8, JDK 8 and JDK 11 for Windows and MAC using Endpoint Central (formerly known as Desktop Central)..


To create a package for Java, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Software Deployment tab.
  2. In the Packages section, click on Add Package and choose the required platform: either Windows or MAC.
  3. Enter your package details and select the Package Type as EXE.
  4. Download the files of Oracle Java applications using the links given here: JRE 8, JDK 8 & JDK 11.
  5. Select From Local Computer and click on Choose File to upload the downloaded files.
  6. Under the Installation tab specify the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments based on which application you wish to install. The silent switches for Java 8 & 11 are given below:
    • JDK 8 / JDK 11: /s REBOOT=Suppress
    • JRE 8 for MAC: installer -pkg "/Volumes/Java 8 Update 211/Java 8 Update" -target /
    • JDK 8 / JDK 11 for MAC: There aren't any switches to be specified for JDK MAC. It can directly be deployed as a configuration.
  7. Once you complete filling in the package details click on Add Package.
  8. Now your package for Oracle Java application is created. Click on Action and select 'System Configuration' to deploy this package. Instead, you can also select the package which you've created -> click on Install/Uninstall Software -> Choose to deploy as 'Computer Configuration'.
  9. After filling in the Configuration details, click Deploy.

You've deployed the Oracle Java application..