How to optimize Definition Updates for Anti-virus in APD?

Definition Updates for anti-virus can be enabled in Automated Patch Deployment. These updates are supported for various anti-virus applications like Windows Defender, Mcafee etc., Patch Database syncs with the Central Patch Repository every 1 hour to get the latest Definition Updates for Anti-virus. These updates will be deployed to the client machines immediately in the subsequent refresh cycle. 

Optimizing bandwidth utilization

Certain Anti-virus applications like Windows Defender release Definition Updates on average 5-6 times a day. Each Definition Update consumes 160 MB of disk space. This can result in high bandwidth consumption

You can limit the bandwidth consumption by creating a separate APD task for Anti-virus Definition Updates with the following recommendations:

  1. Create a deployment policy for Definition Updates which has deployment window for a shorter time and map it with the APD task.
  2. Disable 'Download patches during subsequent refresh cycle' under pre-deployment settings in the deployment policy for which the APD task is mapped, to avoid over-consumption of bandwidth.

Note: If you want to neglect Definition Updates for Anti-virus, you can disable it in Patch Database settings.