Network security at a glance!


Securing your network is essentially the first step towards protecting corporate data. With the increasing reliance on technology comes the dire need to keep your network secured.

Desktop Central's Inventory Management lets you gain visibility over the security details of every computer in your network by viewing the security details of each computer from the inventory tab.

BitLocker details 

BitLocker comes to rescue when your computer/laptop is stolen or lost and protects your drive content. It is an encryption program that encrypts your hard drive so that, when someone has physical access to the drive, they will not be able to view or meddle with the data from your drive.

In the event of a system failure, an IT admin will have to harvest data from a hard drive, the drive can be accessed with the help of BitLocker Recovery Key. Desktop Central provides information about the BitLocker status of a system along with the recovery key.


Antivirus is the security guard of a system. It is an integral part of network security. Lack of antivirus software is an issue which is often overlooked and has its consequences. Desktop Central enlightens the admin on the AntiVirus status of each system in the network.


Firewall is the padlocked door to your network. It monitors inbound and outbound activities and protects your computer from unauthorized access, blocks unwanted content and prevents ransomware from gaining traction. Desktop Central provides sufficient information on the Firewall status of every system.

Missing patches

Missing patches are the patches that pose a threat to your network but are not installed. By clicking on the missing patches view, you can view the details of patches that are missing in your network along with other details such as systems affected due to the absence of these patches and systems in which a patch is missing.