Encrypted key file uploaded


If you have uploaded an encrypted key file while importing the SSL certificate for enabling secured communication (HTTPS), you may get this error message: 

  • Uploaded key file is encrypted


You can try to resolve the issue, by decrypting the encrypted file. Follow the below steps to decrypt file:

For Endpoint Central version below 11.1.2242.01:

  1. Navigate to the <Endpoint Central installed directory>/apache/bin.
  2. Place your encrypted key file in this directory.
  3. Open command prompt with administrator privilege from this location.
  4. Execute this command openssl rsa -in <encrypted key file name> -out decrypted_key.key
  5. When prompted to enter a password, enter the password which you used for encrypting the key file.

For Endpoint Central version 11.1.2242.01 and above:

  1. Move the generated key file to Endpoint Central Installation directory/bin. 
  2. Open Command Prompt with admin privileges and navigate to Endpoint Central Installation directory/bin.
  3. Execute generateCSR.bat file. 
  4. Enter 2 to decrypt the .key file. 
  5. Enter the name of the key file along with its passphrase. 
  6. The decrypted key file will be generated in Endpoint Central installation directory/bin. [Existing decrypted key files will be overwritten]

You have successfully decrypted the file. Now try uploading the certificate using the decrypted_key.key file.

Applies to: Import SSL certificate 

Keywords: Encrypted key file, decrypt, SSL certificate


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