Desktop Central - Jira integration: Invalid SSL Certificate


While setting up Desktop Central-Jira integration, one might encounter this problem when trying to configure Desktop Central server in Jira console.


One of the following could be the reason you are unable to set up Desktop Central:

  • Using a self-signed certificate while Desktop Central is running in secured mode (HTTPS)
  • Using an invalid or expired SSL certificate of Desktop Central
  • Specific Desktop Central host name for which the certificate is purchased might not be provided


You are required to identify the reason you cannot proceed with the integration and follow the relevant resolution from the list given below:

  1. For obtaining a valid certificate and uploading it to Desktop Central server, follow the steps on using third-party SSL certificate for secured communication.
  2. The host name for which a certificate has been purchased should be specified accurately. For example, you might have purchased a certificate for the host name but if you provide the IP address, the results might not converge.
  3. If you are using a self-signed certificate, it is recommended to use a valid CA signed certificate. If it is not possible, follow the below mentioned steps to proceed with the self-signed certificate.
    • For Windows, download the zip file and extract it to “atlassian\jira\“. The default Jira server will be installed in C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA.
      For Linux, download the zip file and extract it to “atlassian\jira\“. The default Jira server will be installed in \opt\atlassian\jira\.
    • For Windows, open command prompt as administrator and run the batch file with the following format: C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA>gencert.bat dcservername:dcportnumber.
      For Linux, connect to the terminal as root user. Navigate to “atlassian\jira\“ and run the shell script with the following format: \opt\atlassian\jira> dcservername:dcportnumber
    • On running the command, you will receive and exception PKIX and then it will ask you to enter a value. Provide value 1 which will generate a file named jssecacerts under “atlassian\jira\“.
    • Copy the jssecacerts file under “atlassian\jira\jre\lib\security“ (Jira installation directory) folder and then restart the Jira application.

Once you restart the Jira server, you can proceed with the integration.