Linux Patch Management on Cloud

With workforces going remote, many enterprises are looking to opt for cloud based solutions which grant IT administrators greater control over endpoints. Software vendors, in accordance with this trend, have extended support for Windows and MacOS systems. Keeping in mind the rising number of Linux machines and its prevalence in organizations such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and others; ManageEngine offers multiple products which provide you with the capability to seamlessly patch Linux machines as well, while enjoying all the benefits that come with having a cloud-based patch management solution.

Linux Patch Management

Using ManageEngine, you can patch Linux endpoints both manually and automatically. ManageEngine has a streamlined patch management process to ensure that no system is left unpatched:

  1. Updated Vulnerability Database: ManageEngine supports Linux patches within 24 hours of release.
  2. System Health Policy: Discern how vulnerable your network is at a glance.
  3. Disable Automatic Updates: Have complete control over the patches installed within your network.
  4. Test and Approve Patches: Ensure that none of the systems within your network face downtime.
  5. Schedule Patch Deployment: Schedule the installation of patches at off-hours.
  6. Automate it Completely: Automate everything in just 4 minutes!
  7. Patch Management on the go: ManageEngine offers mobile apps for enabling you to install patches on the go.
  8. Reports: View detailed patch reports and gain visibility and insights on your network.

Supported Operating Systems

The following are the Linux versions supported by ManageEngine.

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. CentOS
  4. Red Hat
  5. SUSE Linux
  6. Pardus

How to automate Linux patch management?

While it is possible to patch individual Linux systems, the methods to do so are different for different versions and the entire process is rather cumbersome for an IT administrator. Instead of manually applying patches to your Linux machine, ManageEngine Desktop Central's Automated Patch Deployment feature would ensure that your operations run smoothly with every endpoint up-to-date and optimized for security and performance. ManageEngine's product suite has similar solutions towards automated patch deployment.

ManageEngine Product Suite

ManageEngine offers multiple solutions for your patching needs. Desktop Central Cloud is a UEM solution whose capabilities extend well beyond patching. With features such as Software Deployment, Asset Management, Remote Monitoring and many more, Desktop Central Cloud is a complete solution to your IT administration needs. If you are looking for an exclusively cloud-based patch management solution, then Patch Manager Plus Cloud can cater to your needs sufficiently. You may refer to the Linux Patch Management capabilities of Patch Manager Plus Cloud as well.