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How to download and install WinPE tool?

In OS Deployer, WinPE tool is required to perform image deployment and offline image creation. Follow the below steps to download and install WinPE tool,


For downloading Windows Assesment and deployment tool kit (ADK),

  1. Download any of the WinPE version given below to create bootable media,

    For WinPE version 10, download adksetup.exe

    For WInPE version 5, download adksetup.exe

    For WinPE version 4, download adksetup.exe

  2. Go to the location where the adksetup.exe has been downloaded. Using this "adksetup.exe" WinPE will be downloaded and installed. 
  3. Double click the adksetup.exe. Windows assessment and deployment kit wizard will open. 
  4. Select the download option and specify the download path. This option is recommended, as the download and installation speed is faster and the WinPE tool can be reused to install in other systems.
  5. The WinPE installer setup will get downloaded now.
  6. Go to the download location, double click adksetup.exe.
  7. Speciy the install path.
  8. Under Select the features you want to install enable the following options and these options are mandatory for the WinPE tool to work,
    • Deployment Tools
    • Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)
    • User State Migration Tool (USMT)
  9. Click Install.

For downloading Windows Automatic Installation Kit (AIK),

  1. Download the iso file.
  2. Mount the iso file as a virtual drive using a third-party tool (power iso or magic iso).
  3. The mounted virtual drive will be displayed in My Computer.
  4. Double click on the virtual drive, double click on StartCD.exe. Windows Automated installation kit will open.
  5. In the left side panel, click on Windows AIK Setup.
  6. Specify the installation path (it is recommended to have the default installation path ,as it will be automatically updated in the server during WinPE media creation).
  7. Click Next to confirm installation.

WinPE tool has been successfully installed now.