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Image creator and server communication failed!


During image creation, Image creator installation / communication/ validation failed since gateway port is not reachable.


Communication failed at the machine where image creation is initiated. This could be due to the following reason:

  • Communication is blocked by the firewall in the computer where image creation is initiated.
  • Incorrect Proxy settings blocks communication between the computer and the gateway port.

    To confirm if this is the reason, check for port reachability, using Telnet. Execute the following command in the Command Prompt window:

    telnet <host name> <Gateway_Port> .

    For example, telnet 8444.

    The default gateway port given by Desktop Central is 8444, 8443, however if you have changed it, you can verify it under Remote control settings in Desktop Central server. If you are unable to connect, you can be sure that the either firewall or proxy is blocking communication between the server gateway port and the agent.


Communication blocked by firewall/proxy settings

If the gateway port is not reachable check if the communication is blocked by firewall or proxy settings in your agent computer. Unblock firewall or configure proxy settings, such that the gateway port is reachable from the imaging computer for smooth communication.
If you have blocked gateway port using Windows firewall, follow the below steps to unblock firewall.
  1. Open Control panel and select System and Security
  2. Select Windows firewall
  3. In the left pane, select Advance settings. "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" window will open.
  4. Select Inbound rules from the left pane
  5. Select New rule under Actions in the right pane
  6. Enable the option Port (8444 & 8443) and click Next
  7. Specify the port number to be unblocked and click Next
  8. Enable the option Allow the connection and click Next
  9. Enable the profiles for which the rule applies
  10. Specify the name and description of the rule and click Finish
You have now successfully unblocked firewall. You can now proceed with image creation process.

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