Patch Download Failure - "SSL Exception"


You are trying to download patches of Microsoft/other vendors. However Patch download fails with error message: "SSL exception - peer shutdown incorrectly".


This might happen when there is a delay in downloading the patches like iTunes and the connection has been disconnected from the respective vendor's website.This could be due to the settings configured in your firewall, proxy or the anti-virus. 


You will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Download the patch manually

  1. You will have to download the patches manually and store it the local patch store.
  2. You can identify the patch name of the missing patch and the download URL by clicking on the missing patch ID from here: Endpoint Central web console -> Patch Mgmt -> Patches -> Missing patches.
  3. Download the patch manually from the respective vendor's website and save it in the patch store.
  4. You can locate the patch store, here: Endpoint Central web console -> Patch Mgmt -> Patches -> Downloaded Patches ->Settings tab.
    If you are unable to download the patch from the respective vendor's website, you should contact your network administrator to add the website to your proxy/firewall exception.

Upload it in the patch store for deployment

  1. You will have to rename the downloaded patch as <patchID>-<PatchName> without any specific file extension. For example: If the patch ID is 300088 and the patch name is "Thunderbird setup 3.1.1.exe", this should be saved as 300088-Thunderbird setup 3.1.1.

You will now be able to deploy the patch successfully to target computers. 

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