Patch Installation Failure - Unknown Error Code 9395XXX


You cannot install patches manually or through automated patch tasks. You see the following error on the screen, "Unknown Error Code 9395XXX".


All the patches, which needs to be deployed will be stored in a folder named "Software Distribution directory". You will get the above mentioned error message, if the Software Distribution directory located under %windir% has been corrupted.


You can rename all the folders under the Software Distribution folder to get this fixed. After renaming the folders, try to deploy the patch again. you will see that the all the folders will be re-generated automatically and the patch will be installed successfully. Follow the steps mentioned below to rename the folders:

  1. Click Run and go to %windir%
  2. Under Windows, select the Software Distribution
  3. Open Software Distribution Directory
  4. Rename all the folders as mentioned below:
    (if you do not find a folder with the name mentioned below, you can ignore it)
    1. AuthCabs(Rename to AuthCabs_)
    2. DataStore(Rename to DataStore_)
    3. Download(Rename to Download_)
    4. PostRebootEventCache(Rename to PostRebootEventCache_)
    5. ScanFile(Rename to ScanFile_)
    6. SelfUpdate(Rename to SelfUpdate_)
    7. WuRedir(Rename to WuRedir_)
  5. Select the patches for which the installation has failed and deploy it now.

You can see that the patch installation will be successful.

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