How do I deploy approved patches?


You can automate the patch deployment process using Desktop Central. Using automated patch deployment you can complete all patch-related tasks from identifying missing patches to deploying them to specific client computers.

As an administrator, you must test the patches, especially critical ones, before deploying them. You can use the Patch Approval feature in Desktop Central to ensure that only patches that you have approved will be deployed using the Automated Patch Deployment feature.

For more information about the Automated Patch Deployment feature, see

You can also deploy approved patches manually. This document provides steps required to deploy approved patches.


To deploy approved patches you must:

  • Enable the patch-approval setting in Desktop Central
  • Approve patches

    Enabling the Patch-approval Setting

    To enable the patch-approval setting in Desktop Central, follow the steps given below:

    1. Click the Admin tab
    2. In the Patch Settings section, click Approval Settings
    3. In the Approve Patches section, check the Deploy patches only when they are approved checkbox
    4. Click Save

    You have enabled the patch-approval setting in Desktop Central.

    Approving Patches

    You can approve specific patches from the following categories of patches:

    • Applicable Patches
    • Missing Patches
    • Installed Patches

    To approve patches, follow the steps given below:

    1. Click the Patch Mgmt tab
    2. In the Patches section, select a patch category
    3. Check the checkbox against specific patches
    4. In the Mark as dropdown list, select Approve

    You have approved specific patches.

The approved patches will be deployed depending on the automated patch-deployment task created by you. For more information about creating tasks to deploy patches automatically, see Configuring Automated Patch Deployment.

If you enable the Approve Patch feature, and you have not approved patches that are categorized as missing patches. You will see the status, 'No missing patches found'. Ensure that you test and approve the missing patches to deploy them during the next scheduled task to deploy patches automatically.