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You are trying to download/deploy windows 10 patches using Desktop Central, it fails with error message: "Error Code 403 or Unknown Host Exception".


Downloading Windows 10 patches is currently not supported in Desktop Central. 


You will have to manually download the Windows 10 update from the Microsoft Catalog and update it in the Desktop Central's Patch Repository. Follow the steps mentioned below to download the updates related to Windows 10.

  1. Open Microsoft Catalog using Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or later versions) :
  2. In the search box, search for the relevant KB for example: KB3081455
  3. You can see that the relevant KB will be listed ready for download. You can choose the appropriate KB and click Add
  4. You can see that the KB will be moved to View Basket at the right side at the top of the portal
  5. Click View Basket and initiate download. You will have to specify the location to store the downloaded update.
  6. Ensure that you download the appropriate OS architecture such as 32 bit or 64 bit.
  7. You will have to rename the downloaded patch as explained below:
    1. Go to the Patch Management on Desktop Central web console
    2. Click Supported Patches
    3. Locate the Patch ID
    4. Now, you will have to rename the downloaded patch as mentioned in the image below:
  8. You will have to copy this renamed patch and paste it in your Patch Repository.
  9. You can locate the Patch Repository here : Desktop Central ->Patch Management ->Under Settings ->Cleanup Settings. You can see the location of your Patch Repository.

You can now see that Windows 10 updates are ready to be distributed via Desktop Central. 


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