Patch Configuration Failure - "Incorrect Function" (or) "Unknown Error Code: 2359302" (or) "Access Denied "


You are trying to deploy Patch Configuration on client computers. However you get error message - "Incorrect Function" (or) "Unknown Error Code: 2359302" (or) Access Denied .


You will encounter this error if you had already installed the patch in the client machine(s) and have failed to reboot them. You will get an error as "Access is Denied" for Windows XP computers and the error as "Incorrect Function" for computers running Windows Vista or above.


The previous Patch Deployment could have happened in any of the following ways:

  • Patch could have been installed via Windows Updates and the user has skipped the reboot.
  • You have scheduled an Automated Patch Deployment task in Endpoint Central and the user has has not rebooted the computer since the previous task execution time.
  • Installed the patch manually or through any other program/tool and have not restarted the computer.

To resolve this issue,

  • Reboot the client machine(s) and run a patch scan on them. The status of the patch that failed to install would have now changed from Missing Patch to Installed Patch.

Applies to: Patch Configuration Failure, Incorrect Function, Unknown Error Code: 2359302

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