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Enterprise Desktop Administration Software for Windows

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a Web-Based windows desktop administration software that helps administrators to effectively manage the desktops from a central point. It provides Software Deployment, Patch Management, Asset Management, Remote Desktop Sharing, Service Pack Installation, Windows System Tools, Windows Configurations, Active Directory Reports and User Logon Reports. It leverages Windows Active Directory of Windows 2000 / 2003 Domains to manage Windows Desktops.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Desktop Management
    - Provides out-of-the-box configuration options to address the real-time needs.
  • Minimal Windows Expertise Needed
    - No in-depth knowledge of Windows Domain, Active Directory, GPO technologies needed to use this tool.
  • Reduces Manual Intervention
    - Provides complete visibility of the desktop configurations along with their status.
  • Access from Anywhere
    - The Web-based solution can be accessed from anywhere in the network.

Windows Desktop Administration - Software Installation Software Deployment

  • Install MSI & EXE based Applications
  • Ability to schedule software installations.
  • Option to install the application as a specific-user using the Run As option.
  • Uninstall MSI & EXE packages
  • Supports executing pre-installation scripts/commands prior to installation and abort if not successful.
  • Option to copy the installables to the client computers before installing the software.
  • Ability to create package repository. The packages created once can be reused any number of times to install or uninstall the software.

Windows Desktop Administration - Patch Management Patch Management

  • Automated Patch Management
  • Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning
  • Patch based deployment
  • System based patch deployment
  • Automatic handling of patch interdependencies and patch sequencing
  • Generates status reports of patch deployment
  • Reboot the computers after installing patches

Windows Desktop Administration - Inventory Management Asset Management

  • Software: License Management, License Compliance, & Software Metering
  • Hardware: Hardware Manufacturers, Hardware Types, Hardware Installation per User
  • Scheduled Scanning of Windows Systems for Inventory
  • View the Prohibited Software detected in the Network
  • Out-of-the-Box Reports on Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Email Alert Notifications

Windows Desktop Administration - Remote Desktop Sharing Remote Desktop Sharing

  • Web Browser based Desktop Sharing
  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections to different desktops
  • No individual authentication is required
  • HIPAA complaint - Gets UsersÂ’ authorization prior to connecting
  • Configurable Screen Resolution

Windows Desktop Administration - Service Pack Installation Service Pack Installation

  • Install OS and Application Service Packs
  • Option to suspend or resume Service Pack Installation
  • View the status of the Service Pack Installation

Windows Desktop Administration - Windows System tools Windows System Tools

  • Tools like Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk, and Disk Cleanup
  • Schedule System Tools to run on multiple systems
  • Provides detailed logs for troubleshooting
  • Reboot the computers after running the tools

Windows Desktop Administration - Windows Configurations Windows Configurations

  • Managing Shortcuts
  • File Management
  • Permission Management
  • Redirecting Folders
  • Managing Outlook Profiles
  • Manage Windows Firewall
  • Power Management
  • Add or Remove Printers
  • Registry Management
  • Managing Scheduled Tasks and Services
  • Securing Windows Desktop & More

Windows Desktop Administration - Active Directory Reports Active Directory Reports

  • Complete insight into the Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Over 100 out-of-the-box reports
  • Scheduled Reports Generation
  • Export the report as HTML and CSV

Windows Desktop Administration - User Logon Reports User Logon Reports

  • Up-to-date User Logon details
  • Maintain a history of Logon details
  • Detailed information like Logon / logoff time, Logon server, etc.
  • Over 10 out-of-the-box logon reports

System requirements: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 300 MB Hard disk space. OS supported: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7