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Uninstall Desktop Central agents from the remote office computers manually


This document describes the procedure to uninstall the Desktop Central agents installed in the remote office computers manually. When you no longer wish to manage a remote office computer using Desktop Central, it is recommended to remove the agents from those computers before removing the computers from the Scope of Management (SoM) page.


Unlike computers in the same LAN where Desktop Central Server is installed, the agents in the computers in the remote location that are spread across WAN cannot be uninstalled directly from the Desktop Central Server. Similar to installing them manually, it also have to be uninstalled manually from the remote computers.

Manually Remove from Individual Computers

  1. Download the script UnInstallDCAgent.txt
  2. Rename it to UnInstallDCAgent.vbs
  3. Run the script in all the client computers from the command prompt: CSCRIPT UnInstallDCAgent.vbs

Using PsExec Utility to Remove from Multiple Computers

You can use the PsExec utility to execute the agent uninstallation script in multiple computers within the same office. If you have multiple remote offices added in Desktop Central, you need to perform these steps in each of the remote offices.

  1. Create a network share (eg. \\MyServer\MyShare).
  2. Download the script UnInstallDCAgent.txt.
  3. Rename it to UnInstallDCAgent.vbs. Save the vb script in the network share created in step 1
  4. Download the PsExec utility from and save it in, for example, C:
  5. Run the script using the following command from the dos prompt

    C:\for /f %f in (c:\computernames.txt) do psexec \\%f -u <domain>\administrator -p <password> CSCRIPT \\MyServer\MyShare\UnInstallDCAgent.vbs where,

    computernames.txt contains a list of computers from where the agent has to be uninstalled, which has to be specified with its complete path
    <domain> refers to the domain or the workgroup admin user name
    <password> refers to the domain or the workgroup administrator password

Applies to: Desktop Central Uninstallation, Agent Uninstallation, Remote Office Agent, WAN Agent Uninstallation

Keywords: Uninstall Agents, Agent Uninstallation, Desktop Central Uninstallation

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