ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand - "Invalid Authentication Key"


You are trying to integrate Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand application. When you want to scan computers using Desktop Central and post the asset data to ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand server, or log help desk requests as tickets, you are required to generate and enter an authentication key during integration. When you specify an authentication key, you see the error "Invalid Authentication Key".


You will see this error in the following cases:

  • Authentication key has been regenerated by a ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand technician
  • ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand technician for whom the key was generated has been deleted
  • Authentication Key has been deleted


  • Ensure that you are running the Professional Edition of Desktop Central, Build number 90084 or later versions
  • Ensure that you are running the Professional Edition of ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand for integrating asset data
  • Assign the SDAdmin Role, to a technician and generate an API key from ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand account and paste the API key into the Desktop Central server


  1. Assigning the SDAdmin Role, that was created to a technician
    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand Account
    2. Click the Admin tab
    3. In the Users section, click Technicians
    4. Click Add New Technician
    5. Enter the following information about the technician:
      • Personal details
      • Contact information
      • Cost details
      • Department details
      Assign the required groups for the technician
    6. Check the Enable login for this technician checkbox. (E-mail set in contact information will be used as Login Name.)
    7. Select Enable Administrator Privileges (SDAdmin)
    8. Click Save
    9. Note: You can also edit an existing technician's role and enable login.

      You need to login into ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand account as the Technician, created with the above said privileges. You are required to generate a new authentication key in ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand and specify it in Desktop Central. Refer to this: Steps to generate a new API key in ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

  2. Pasting the API key in Desktop Central
    1. Login to the Desktop Central server
    2. Click the Admin tab
    3. In the Global Settings section, click ServiceDesk Plus Settings
    4. Choose the product as ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand
    5. Modify the ServiceDesk Plus on-demand server details, provide the generated API key and save.
  3. You will now be able to post asset data from Desktop Central to ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand Server or log help desk request as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand account.

Applies to: ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand Integration, Log Help Desk Request as Tickets, Asset Data

Keywords: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, Log Help Desk request as Tickets, Integrate Asset Data, DC Integration with SDP OD