What is Petya?

Petya is an other ransomware in the cyber war battle field, which unleashed its brutality against business world wide. Enterprises running on Windows computers and which were not up-to-date were left defenceless, against this attack. Petya though was initially termed as the next generation of 'Wannacry' ended to be more devastating than ever imagined. Unlike Wannacry Petya, never targeted a ransom to retrieve the data, which means the lost data can never be retrieved.

Petya ransomware exploited the EternalBlue, that Microsoft patched in March to initially gain access to a system and then spread across the network in several ways. Several thousands of computers were affected in Ukraine and later reported from 64 countries across the globe.

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Which computers are targeted?

Petya ransomware targets computers running Windows operating systems that are not up-to-date. Refer these articles for more details on the ransomware and its effects.



How do you secure the network from Petya using Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central)?

You can secure your network from Petya by following the steps:

Deploying the critical patches to respective computers 

  1. Ensure that you Patch Vulnerability database is up to date. To update, click Patch Mgmt >> Update Now in the bottom left
  2. After syncing the database, scan the managed computers. To scan click Patch Mgmt >> Scan Systems >> Scan All.
  3. You can detect if these patches are missing by following these steps: Click Patch Mgmt >> Choose All Patches >> Choose Applicable Patches(Detailed View) >> Search 'Petya' in the Patch Description box >> You can identify the computers that are missing the critical patches or already have the patches installed on them.


You can now feel assured that your network is secure from Petya ransomer attack.
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