1. When I install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), it always fails. Why?

Windows XP Service Pack 3 installation will fail with the error "Fatal Error during installation", if the patch KB925877 is installed on the target computer. You will need to uninstall the patch KB925877, prior to installing SP 3.

  • Use the Install Software configuration to uninstall the patch first (using a pre-installation script) and then install SP3.
  • This procedure needs to be followed as Patch Uninstall option is not available in the Service Pack Installation.

Follow the steps below to install Windows XP SP3:

  1. Download the uninstall_script_kb925877.txt and rename it as uninstall_kb925877.vbs
  2. Add a software package for Windows XP SP3
  3. Specify the uninstall_kb925877.vbs as a pre-installation script. Do not specify any Exit Code.
  4. Define a Install Software Configuration and deploy.