Service Pack 3 (Enhancements and Bug Fixes between Build # 60200 and #60300)

Software Deployment

  1. Enable logging for troubleshooting in MSI installation.
  2. Adding multiple packages while defining an install software configuration is introduced.

Patch Management

  1. Enhancements made in patch, service pack configuration for Reboot policy.
  2. Issues in Automatic Patch Deployment are fixed.
  3. Introduced MS-Office Patching Support and service pack installation.

Asset Management

  1. Inventory module is improved with good performance and scalability.
  2. Commercial Software Grouping is introduced in Inventory module.

Remote Control

  1. User can configure the port, and Secure / Non-Secure for 'Remote Control' communication using RDS Settings.
  2. Provision added to terminate Windows Remote Desktop connection and establish connection with Remote Control of Desktop Central.
  3. Last logon User name is shown in Remote Control page.
  4. Introduced Connect with IP option in Remote Control.
  5. Ctrl+Alt+Del for Vista OS is handled in Remote Control.

Windows Configuration

  1. Introduced IP range in the Define target Section of Configurations.
  2. Issue in computing configuration status is fixed.
  3. Power Management Configuration issues are fixed.
  4. Configuration related issues while modifying the Custom Group is fixed.
  5. Scheduler Configuration issues are fixed.

User Logon Reports

  1. "Detailed view" is added in "User Logon History by computers" report page.

Active Directory Reports

  1. Sending AD Reports by E-Mail is introduced.


  1. Support added for configuring Desktop Central DB in remote machine.
  2. Introduced Rebranding Option to change Desktop Central logo.
  3. Action Log Viewer is enhanced with User Auditing details.
  4. Desktop Central Server IP Address and Timeout can be configured while adding remote office.
  5. Added 64-Bit OS Support for Inventory, Patch Management, Software Deployment and Remote control.
  6. Added Windows 2008 OS support for Desktop Central Agents.
  7. Disable of Uninstall option for Desktop Central Agent in Add or Remove programs is introduced.
  8. Slow user logon issue is fixed.
  9. Agent Upgrade issues are fixed.
  10. Special characters present in domain names are handled in SOM.
  11. Duplicate computers shown in SoM page is fixed.
  12. Issue in displaying OUs with same name is fixed.
  13. Issue in Help Desk Settings is fixed.
  14. Provision to change E-Mail domain for Help Desk emails is added.