Workflow of Desktop Central - ServiceDesk Plus integration

This document will brief you on the data that is transferred between ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central upon integration. The following data will be posted to ServiceDesk Plus from Desktop Central:

  1. Comprehensive software and hardware inventory details of desktops and mobile devices
    • Hardware warranty details
    • Software license compliance details
    • Installed hardware and software in the network
    • Prohibited software, upon detection
  2. Ready-to-deploy software packages created using over 5000 Windows, Mac, and Linux templates
  3. User account details
  4. Worklog details of every remote session

Identification of devices

ServiceDesk Plus identifies devices based on the machine name, MAC address and service tag. For devices that are listed under:

  1. Both Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus: ServiceDesk Plus's data will be overwritten by the data Desktop Central has on those devices.
  2. Only Desktop Central: These devices will be added to ServiceDesk Plus, along with all relevant data.
  3. Only ServiceDesk Plus: The data for these devices will not be modified or copied to Desktop Central.

This data will be synced once you integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Desktop central and choose the features to be integrated.

Data transfer between Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus

Serial Task Update interval
Data transferred from Desktop Central to ServiceDesk Plus
01 Inventory details of desktops and mobile devices Immediate
02 Help desk tickets created from Desktop Central agent tray icon Immediate
03 When a remote session is initiated from Desktop Central and a ServiceDesk Plus ticket ID is mentioned, then the logs files will be updated in the ServiceDesk Plus ticket Immediate
04 Software packages created in Desktop Central

Automatically- Once every 24 hours


On demand

05 Software deployment status update Immediate
06 Approval request for SSP and prohibited software Once every 3 minutes
07 Currently logged on user data Once every 30 minutes
08 User defined and predefined templates in Desktop Central Immediate
Data transferred from ServiceDesk Plus to Desktop Central
01 When a new user is created in ServiceDesk Plus with Desktop Central login privileges Immediate

Inventory details

Desktop Central will fetch the inventory details during the following scenarios:

  1. System start up
  2. User logon
  3. After manual or scheduled scan
  4. When a software is installed/uninstalled

Note: If a computer/domain is renamed, a scan will be initiated in Desktop Central. After the scan is complete, the new credentials will automatically be updated in ServiceDesk Plus.

After integration, you can choose to log specific asset-related events as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus, using Desktop Central. The events could be:

  • When any new hardware is detected on the network
  • When any new software is detected on the network
  • When a software is being used even after it's license has expired
  • When a prohibited software is detected in the network.