Integrate with ServiceNow using Desktop Central Plugin App

How to integrate with ServiceNow using Desktop Central plug-in app?

Desktop Central integration with SeviceNow will allow users to perform the following actions in ServiceNow Console,

This document will explain about the steps to integrate Desktop central with ServiceNow using the plug-in app.


To configure Desktop Central plug-in app follow the steps given below, 

  1. Downloading and Installing Desktop Central
  2. Configuring Desktop Central in ServiceNow

Downloading and Installing Desktop Central 

  1. Download and install Desktop Central server. If you have already installed Desktop Central server, upgrade to build number 10.0.363.
  2. Install Desktop Central agents across the systems you are planning to manage. Refer the below documents to know the steps to install Desktop Central agent.

    For managing computers in local network

    For managing computers in remote offices

    You have now successfully installed Desktop Central server and agents

Configuring Desktop Central in ServiceNow

To configure follow the below steps in ServiceNow,

  1. Download Desktop Central plug-in app from ServiceNow store.
  2. Go to Application, select the downloaded plug-in app and click install.
  3. In the left hand side search box type Desktop Central. You will be able to view the modules of Desktop Central application.
  4. Select Setup in the modules and configure setup wizard.
  5. If you have already downloaded Desktop central click Next.
  6. Enter Desktop Central server URL and Service Now mid server URL.

    Note: MID Server ensures communication between ServiceNow and Desktop Central when Desktop Central is hosted on a private network. If Desktop Central is accessible via public IP, you need not specify MID server URL.

  7. Enter Desktop Central administrators credentions to complete integration.
  8. Go to settings in the left hand pane and select User Mapping. Edit ServiceNow user name to map Desktop Central user.

User Association

ServiceNow users need to be associated with Desktop Central users. Only ServiceNow administrator can perform user association. The main objective of user association is to perform desktop management activities from ServiceNow console within the scope of the associated Desktop Central user.

You have now successfully integrated Desktop Central plug-in app with ServiceNow.

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